RiverSpring Health offers many rewarding volunteer opportunities to all who are interested in giving back.


A simple visit can make all the difference in the lives of older adults. Our residents are always thrilled to spend time with community members. If you are interested in bringing joy to the lives of older adults in your community, our fulfilling volunteer programs provide great opportunities for you to get involved, give back, and learn.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have volunteer opportunities - all year round - for everyone who is interested, from students entering high school to senior citizens looking to become involved. We encourage anyone who is interested in making a difference, exploring a career path, or looking for real-life experience in a specific field to call our volunteer services department to find out more about our diverse range of opportunities. Below are a few of our volunteer positions:

  • Assisting with rehabilitation services
  • Leading our resident's through our famous Art Collection + Museum 
  • Religious services support and pastoral visits
  • Clerical support such as, answering telephones, inputting data, filing, typing and taking messages
  • Accounting assistance
  • IT support
  • Library services
  • Marketing and Communications support
  • Assisting with nursing staff on our nursing home floor
  • Helping residents get to-and-from the facility to the community
  • Engaging our residents in conversation by leading discussion groups
  • Providing entertainment and putting smiles on everyone's face
  • Keeping our residents active with recreational activities like music, art, and aerobics
  • Spending the day with a resident and simply keeping them company

Our Volunteer Services Department is always available to speak with you should you have any questions or concerns while volunteering.

As a nursing student, it’s important to brace myself for the unexpected. This experience brings something new everyday.
— Thalia, 2015 Volunteer

How do i join the team?

Start by filling out the quick form below to tell us you are interested, and help us understand the sort of role you're looking for. Then, our volunteer services department will reach out to you and schedule an interview to understand your goals as a volunteer. Based on your interests, availability, and our needs, we will work to find the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!

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Other Ways to Get Involved

We also offer special volunteer programs at RiverSpring Health and with our partners. For more information about any of these opportunities, please call the Volunteer Office at 718-581-1404.

pet pals program

Your dog is welcome to visit us at RiverSpring Health. Dogs have proven to be therapeutic and enjoyable for residents, staff, and the pets themselves! We hope that your visits with your pet are rewarding and enriching and we invite dogs and their owners to participate in our Pet Pals Program. For more information, please call the Volunteer Office at 718-581-1404, or complete the form below, and we'll be in touch soon.

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Who Will Your Pet Be Visiting?

GO Program

The Great Outdoors Summer Internship Program is open to the relatives of Hebrew Home at Riverdale by RiverSpring Health employees ages 14 and up (limited spots for 14-year-olds). The program provides residents with an escort and access to the beautiful grounds of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale by RiverSpring Health. The residents are treated to incredible views, nature walks, and Museum visits with the help of these participants.  Applicants must obtain medical clearance. Orientation and Training will be provided. Students also receive a stipend for completing 20 days of work.

Generation to generation

Generation to Generation (Also known as the L'Dor V'Dor Summer Internship Program) is a four week program that provides students, ages 14 and up, the life changing opportunity to work directly with our residents and develop deep relationships with people of a different generation. Participants will be assigned to individual residents so that they can build a relationship and will be exposed to various departments within Hebrew Home. This program includes educational seminars on the Jewish culture and history, and on aging and elderly. Applicants must obtain medical clearance. Orientation and Training will be provided before the start of the program. Dates are predetermined. Students also receive a stipend upon completion of the program.

our partners

college of mount saint vincent

America Needs you

Bronx-westchester area health education center

I have been enjoying the time I spend with the residents. Many of them touch my heart and make me smile. We both get something from my visits.
— Jerry, 2015 Volunteer


Volunteer Services Department

718-581-1404 | volunteers@hebrewhome.org

Josephine Catalano - Director

718-581-1231 | josephine.catalano@hebrewhome.org

Jennifer Cabal - Office Manager

718-581-1404 | jennifer.cabal@hebrewhome.org