Our culture is tied directly to our people. Our staff truly believes in our mission and will always be dedicated to helping those in their care.

With our countless years of expertise, our commitment to healthy aging, and compassion for our communities, the RiverSpring Health team is dedicated to helping you and your loved ones live forward, every day.

David Siegelman

Vice President
RiverSpring Rehabilitation

"In rehabilitation, we help our residents live forward by taking the best out of yesterday, and applying it to today to make a better tomorrow."



Lani Crescenzi

Care Manager
RiverSpring Care Management

"Living forward means redefining what it means to accept help. It does not mean a person is unable, but it means they are strong enough to want help in maintaining independence. It's my job to help make this new association."


Rob Accetta

Hebrew Home at Riverdale

"I meet with each of my patients personally, as much as I can. Whether it's in a communal area of their neighborhood or at their bedside, a conversation is always best. I take each opportunity to get to know those in my care and address any medication-related concerns they may have."


Kio Cabrera

Program Supervisor, MSW
RiverSpring Social Day Care

"I want families and participants to know that they are not just clients but family members at RiverSpring Health."


Regina Wallace


"We don't have a staff, we have a family. It's made up of the residents and employees, and each day, I am proud to say I am a part of that."


Jennifer Flood-Sukhdeo

Director of Nutrition
RiverSpring Nutritional Services

"I work with those in my care to develop nutritional plans unique to their needs. I strive to educate our residents, patients, and members that good food can be both delicious and healthy!"


Felix Fonseca

Scheduling Coordinator
RiverSpring Licensed Home Care Services Agency

"I strive to provide care that is truly unique to each person. It allows those I work with to remain as independent as possible."


Karen Gang

RiverSpring Hearing Care

"When a grandparent can hear their grandchild speak for the first time, words cannot describe the joy. It's those moments that mean everything. I come to work every day to enhance the lives and experiences of those in my care."