It's not always easy to know which option is right for a given situation.

At RiverSpring Health, we know that no two situations are identical, and we can help you understand what type of care is the best fit for you and your family. Below are a few of the common scenarios we have faced to help you get started exploring options.

Bronx Home Health Care Provider

After a Tennis Injury Led to shoulder surgery, My doctor recommended I find extra help for my transition home.

I wasn't sure who to turn to, or where to go for services. The discharge planner at NY Presbyterian recommended RiverSpring Health, and they created an at-home plan that included having a Home Care Aide assist me with physical therapy. Today, I'm back on my feet, and enjoying doubles again.

My mom liveD by herself and WAS starting to feel lonely. I wantED her to be with other people, and to feel part of the community again.

She needed to socialize and do the things that she enjoyed - like crafts and Tai Chi. A friend recommended RiverSpring Social Day Care, and after an initial visit, she couldn't wait to go back. Now, Mom looks forward to it three times a week, and I feel better knowing she has a community that supports her.

Bronx Senior Day Care Provider

Bronx Independent Senior Care Provider

Dad lives on his own, 2,000 miles away, and he gets bored often. so we searched for an active senior community closer to our family.

RiverWalk wasn't just close. It was stunning - with new amenities, beautiful apartments, a vibrant community, and a concierge that helped Dad feel at home. There were classes and lots of activities each day, and there was even extra help like rehab, assisted living, and skilled nursing nearby should he ever need it. 

my aunt needed long-term care and help with daily living, and We wanted the best environment To encourage and support her.

After looking at dozens of nursing homes and long-term care facilities, the Hebrew Home at Riverdale was a breath of fresh air. It felt open, warm, and full of life. Between the art collection and the Hudson River view, Aunt Maggie felt inspired, and we felt so comfortable with the nurses, doctors, and staff.

Bronx Nursing Home and Long-Term Care

Bronx Full-Time Senior Supervision

I wanted to stay at home, but my family was worried because they were across the country.

We weren't sure how to approach the situation, or what all the care options were. Luckily, the experts at RiverSpring Care Management did. They met with our family and created a custom plan that met all our needs - I was able to stay at home, and my kids felt comfortable knowing there was someone to step in with extra help, no matter what I needed.