Elder Justice

As we age, there are often difficult questions that arise. And whether they directly affect us, or our spouses, children, or other loved ones, the way forward is not always obvious.

RiverSpring Health is dedicated to advancing thought leadership and advocacy around issues facing older adults and our aging community today. With longer life expectancy, new technologies, and the largest population of seniors coming into retirement in the next several years, we are driven to be a strong resource for those seeking guidance.




The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center for Elder Justice is the nation’s first comprehensive shelter for victims of elder abuse, providing legal, social, and care management services in partnership with the Hebrew Home at Riverdale.


The SPRiNG Alliance – Shelter Partners Regional, National, & Global – is a coalition dedicated to creating a network of regional elder abuse shelters and other similar service models to support older adults who are victims of elder abuse.

Discover more about SPRiNG Alliance, or get involved here.