Every Vote Counts

It’s that time of year – where red and blue are the predominant colors and presidential debates are an ongoing occurrence. While some of it may seem like theater, the essence of our right to vote is critical – at every age.

Older adults are considered the most reliable voters. Some 61 percent of citizens age 65 and older voted in the November 2010 election, the best turnout of any age group, according to US News & World Report. Yet, many do not vote because they have moved – whether to a nursing home, assisted living, or other location. Research indicates that the inconvenience of re-registering after changing addresses is to blame. We have an obligation to make sure that an older person’s registration does not fall through the cracks – and to make the voting process as accessible as possible – regardless of where they reside.

RiverSpring Health has taken a proactive approach to voter registration – encouraging our residents, patients and members to exercise their right to vote. The Hebrew Home at Riverdale, its own polling location, has undertaken an ambitious effort to register all 2,000 staff and residents at our Riverdale campus. This month, we are spearheading a Voter Registration Drive, with a representative from the Board of Elections on campus to register Hebrew Home and RiverWalk residents.

If you are not registered to vote, please exercise your right and sign up! Just click here for details.

Republican or democrat, liberal or conservative, I encourage you to learn about the candidates and their platforms and vote. Election outcomes can be determined by a small margin of votes. Every vote literally counts, so make your voice heard. Have a say on issues that are important to you and your community. Hold elected officials accountable for their decisions, and vote on Election Day!