If you feel lost, you are not alone

Imagine a visit to a mother, father, aunt, or uncle in which you come to the understanding—by observation or conversation or both—that a family member needs services or supports in order to maintain an acceptable level of independence and dignity in their life. This happens in family living rooms, at kitchen tables, and over the phone every day. Hundreds of times. Where to turn next? There is no GPS for this.

The Hebrew Home Centennial Anniversary

2017 marks the 100th Anniversary of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale. What began in Harlem as a small shelter for 20 elderly immigrants has transformed into RiverSpring Health, one of the nation’s most comprehensive, innovative and compassionate senior health organizations caring for 12,000 older New Yorkers every day.  We are proud of our history of challenging stereotypes, confronting ageism and developing pioneering programs and services that make a difference in the quality of life of countless older adults. 


What do today’s retirees want? They want a sense of community; to easily and safely attend events, activities and shopping without having to drive; and to have the opportunity to experience all that life has to offer now that they finally have time to enjoy themselves.  New York City, known as the Capital of the World and the City that Never Sleeps is the ideal retirement community for the four million people that say goodbye to the 9-5 and hello to retirement each year.  

Bringing Light to the Dark: How to Cope with Vision Loss

The change happens gradually. Mom starts to squint at the television during her favorite nighttime show. You see her hold her book closer to her eyes when she reads. Maybe you even catch her moving hesitantly through the room. And then the reality sets in: your mom might be experiencing vision problems.

Essential Questions to Ask When Considering A Nursing Home

When it comes to senior care, there are plenty of considerations that go into choosing a location for your loved one. It's a matter of finding the right balance of quality care and affordable living, all while taking into account the emotional sides of the decision.

To Our Dedicated Staff

As one year ends, and we get ready to welcome a New Year, rather than review the opening of new programs, the renovation of a building, or a new service, I would like to reflect on the heart of RiverSpring Health, the incredible men and women who care for our residents, patients and members each day. Our staff has chosen this field not for the glory or the accolades, but rather because they are making a difference in someone’s life. Because of their care, their smile, and their respect, thousands of older adults in our care live their lives in safety and with dignity.

Caring for Aging Skin

We spend our whole lives taking care of our skin. From the cuts and scrapes of childhood to the first signs of wrinkles, our skin has weathered more than its fair share of storms. But a lifetime spent protecting against the elements will also take its toll. And as we get older, caring for our skin becomes even more important.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

o mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, I would like to feature the words and sentiments of Joy Solomon, Director and Managing Attorney of the Weinberg Center for Elder Abuse Prevention in her opinion piece below. This is an opportunity for each one of us to check on an older neighbor, family or friend to ensure that they are safe. If you suspect elder abuse in your community, contact law enforcement immediately.

Time Well Spent

At age 67, Lucy Lang was a widow, with grown children living on their own. She contacted the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, thinking she would spend an hour here and there visiting with our residents to keep busy and give back. Twenty-four years later, she is still volunteering at the Hebrew Home, and has shared countless hours with our residents, reading stories, sharing common experiences, and simply listening. What began as a casual drop-in turned into an incredibly rewarding experience of personal fulfillment for Lucy.