A New Beginning for Dennis

A New Beginning for Dennis

In the blink of an eye, 2018 has come and gone.  It was a year of great achievements – most notably building bonds with the Riverdale community and finding common ground as we prepare to create New York City’s first Life Plan Community – River’s Edge.  River’s Edge will provide peace of mind and community engagement for older New Yorkers, who will experience connection and fulfillment as they age and as their healthcare needs change.

And while the progression of River’s Edge is certainly a highlight of 2018, I’d like to tell you about another highlight – Hebrew Home resident, Dennis.  Dennis came to the Hebrew Home nearly two years ago.  Unable to walk, with limited arm mobility and severely underweight, Dennis did not have much hope for what the future would hold.  After an intensive two years of rehabilitation, and the support of an entire Hebrew Home care team of nurses, social workers, dieticians and more, Dennis is going home just in time for the holidays.  He is looking forward to moving back to his community, going to the gym and beginning anew.

Dennis reminds us that at the heart of RiverSpring Health, and in his case, the Hebrew Home, we help older adults achieve their own personal greatness – whether regaining independence, discovering a new passion or forming close-knit friendships.

When reflecting on the year that was, empowering older adults is the 2018 highlight that gives me the most pride.

What is your 2018 highlight?  I encourage you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and reflect on what brought you joy, a sense of accomplishment, and pride.

As we look to 2019, may it be a year of wonder and possibility for you and your family.