The Hebrew Home
at Riverdale
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Our Mission

RiverSpring Health is dedicated to helping older adults live full lives. For nearly 100 years, we have been committed to healthy aging and the highest quality of life through innovative programs and services designed to meet the evolving needs of older adults. With a full range of care solutions including the nationally recognized Hebrew Home at Riverdale, managed long-term care, assisted living programs, senior housing, and specialized services such as elder abuse prevention, memory care, and LGBT social day care, we empower over 12,000 patients, residents, and members to live forward every day.

Our goal is to provide care in a warm, homelike environment and in a manner, which preserves and enhances independence and dignity. Such care should be provided on the basis of a continuum of care in which older people can live, learn and flourish.

Our Values

In fulfilling its mission, The Hebrew Home believes in a person-centered philosophy of service, dedicated to:

• Celebrating our residents as unique individuals, deserving of dignity and respect;

• Fostering independence, meaning, comfort and personal choice throughout all aspects of life;

• Empowering our staff to support our residents' choices;

• Nurturing the human spirit through education, religious expression, art and music;

• Striving for excellence through respect, development and support of employees, who are all considered caregivers of our residents and each other;

• Embracing the cultural diversity of The Hebrew Home community regardless of race, creed, color, gender, religion, or national origin;

• Welcoming family and friends as integral members of The Hebrew Home community;

• Maintaining a safe and secure living environment in which our residents may achieve their optimal level of function;

• Insuring responsible fiscal stewardship to support the Home's commitment to quality care and services, and to the community;

• Complying with all federal and state laws, regulatory and accreditation requirements, standards and practices.