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Professors at Sarah Lawrence College teach college level creative writing and politics classes at the Hebrew Home to residents.

Living Well Journey

What is The Living Well Journey?

Israel Mission The Living Well Journey is about individual choice, creativity and growth for residents. The goal of Living Well Journey is to give residents a renewed sense of hope and provide choices in life in an environment more reminiscent of the pleasures of home.

The Living Well Journey offers an alternative to traditional nursing home life, by focusing on people (residents and staff), their preferences and the relationships between staff and residents. This journey will help residents live lives of meaning and joy by giving them greater autonomy and decision-making in their daily routines ranging from when to wake up, what to eat, and when to bathe.

"Our Living Well Journey is a shared celebration of the uniqueness of the human spirit of both residents and staff," said Charlotte Dell, Director of Social Services. "It is a transformation of our culture away from the stigma and complacency of "Aging" and toward a 'New Age.'"

Other changes allow residents to take an active role in their daily lives and those in their neighborhoods. Residents have the opportunity to participate in setting and clearing tables during mealtime, delivering mail, and sponsoring various activities such as movies, card games and other programs.

The Living Well Journey gives greater autonomy to our residents by involving residents in all aspects of life at The Hebrew Home.