We specialize in hearing improvement for older adults, providing affordable, aural rehabilitation health care that few organizations can match.

Hearing loss presents a significant barrier to older adults. It causes social disconnection; it prevents people from living the lives they want. Fortunately, there’s a way forward for those with hearing loss. A world-class, community audiology clinic with 40 years of clinical experience, RiverSpring Hearing Care is located right on the main campus of RiverSpring Health. Our qualified, licensed audiologists are excited to help older adults throughout Riverdale improve their hearing with the best aural rehabilitation available.

Program Highlights

  • Hearing aid insurance
  • Aural rehabilitation 
  • Hearing aid repair and maintenance of most makes and models
  • Hearing testing
  • Hearing aid counseling and orientation
  • Other assistive-listening device counseling
  • State-of-the-art digital hearing aid selection and fitting

I love being able to directly impact the quality of a person’s life by allowing them to live forward with improved hearing! Better hearing can brighten someone’s world by allowing them to effectively communicate, and in turn make memories with loved ones and family members.
— Donna Ronan, Au.D.

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Meet Our Team


Donna Ronan

Audiology Manager

"Better hearing can brighten someone’s world by allowing them to effectively communicate, and in turn make memories with loved ones and family members."


Karen Gang


"When a grandparent can hear their grandchild speak for the first time, words cannot describe the joy. It's those moments that mean everything. I come to work every day to enhance the lives and experiences of those in my care."


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is one hearing aid enough to correct my hearing issue?

We have two ears for a reason! In order to hear the best, we should be optimizing both ears to the best of their ability. Binaural (two-eared) hearing helps us localize sounds, assists us in noisy settings, and provides natural sound quality. Most people mainly complain of difficulty hearing in noise, and in order to hear better in this situation binaural hearing aids are recommended so the brain can obtain the most information for better speech understanding.

+ Is it true that hearing loss just comes with age and there is nothing that can be done about it?

Hearing loss can affect anyone at any age. Hearing loss is the third most common physical condition after arthritis and heart disease (according to the W.H.O). In older people, an untreated hearing loss may experience a dramatically increased quality of life as soon as they start using a hearing aid. They often report improved family relationships and more self-confidence, which can lead to greater independence and security.

+ Is the smallest and most invisible hearing aid the best?

By simply looking at a hearing aid, you can't tell the quality of it or if it will accomodate your listening needs. Today's hearing aids come in all different styles, levels and are all "state of the art." You friend may wear one style or brand of hearing aid but that doesn't mean that that particular one is right for you. Each person is individual in what they need and we will help you find what works best for your hearing.